Educational day for the finalists of SSDP spring selection

12. June 2012

With the goal of preparing SSDP contestants for the final event, SARIO and Neulogy organized a training day on June 8th where 20 startup representatives took part.

Educational day for the finalists of SSDP spring selection

The day started with a presentation on „Intellectual Property for start-ups“ given by Martin Kujanof Neulogy. The goal of this presentation was to help participants get a basic overview of IP issues, help them to become familiar with the terminology and introduce options of IP protection for IT projects. The presentation was followed by a lively discussion.

Rest of the day was led by Mark Tuttle, a serial entrepreneur from California, who started with a short introduction to „Lean Product and Service Development", continued with a motivational talk "Think Like an Entrepreneur" and closed the theoretical part with information on how to pitch a business idea.

In the afternoon, each project had a chance to present in front of the audience and get feedback before the final event on Wednesday.

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